EPISODE 7 - Hollywood Haircuts or: how to style your hair like Jennifer Aniston
January 25th, 2010

Throughout history all great men have had a trim of the hairs before commencing on a life-changing journey. Robert E. Lee before Gettysburg, Norman Schwarzkopf before Desert Storm and John Edwards and his finely coiffed $400 hairdo before his momentous run for the presidency.

In this episode Nikolai and I join these American heroes and hit a Hollywood barbershop for a little sheering of our shag. Nikolai was reticent, frustrated that we were delaying our departure from L.A. again. YES, we will eventually leave LA-LA Land, but as I explained to Mr. Ants in the Pants Russki, if he waltzes into a bar in Vegas looking like an Irish sheep dog, I’m not gonna meet any ladies. And isn’t that why any of us leave home in the first place?

Speaking of ladies, you’ll notice in this episode a drawing I did of Jennifer Aniston (pasted below). She and I share much in common, including a last name that begins with “A” followed by an “N”. According to People Magazine, John Mayer is still mourning his break-up with her. That made me very sad. Her body truly is a wonderland and I think I’ve captured it with my pen. Feel free to download and add as your screensaver. It’s certainly is a conversation piece.

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