EPISODE 6 - The Agent or: how to easily find
representation in Hollywood

January 19th, 2010

USofAnderson is dedicated to providing fresh content on a weekly basis. It’s a commitment we take seriously, but sometimes people (i.e., Nikolai) act like boneheads and accidentally erase hard drives to make room for video art footage of petting zoo animals. GOD, GRANT ME THE SERENTY!

Nonetheless, the Nissan Sentra has been righted and we’re back on track. In this episode, I reach out to one of my many Hollywood connections in hopes of getting Nikolai some top-tier representation for his video art. It’s a fascinating insider’s look at the Hollywood machine; I’m honored to peel back the Tinseltown onion.

That said, you can have the best agent into the world, but you are your own best representation. That’s why I leave my business card at every urinal I visit, and why I’ve taken to Twittering. Please, come follow me.

Additionally, I’d be much obliged if you joined the USofAnderson Facebook Fan Page. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals and get close to that handsome, dashing, available Nikolai. It’s very hard to become his friend on Facebook. He vets each friend request like a Kosmonaut repairing a Sputnik.

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