BONUS EPISODE - On the Road with Dave & Weezer
September 13, 2010

Making Memories with Weezer!

Say it ain’t so, David Dave! You’re that cool? Yup, just like Buddy frickin’ Holly.

In this BONUS episode, I take a break from my road trip and my high school foreign exchange student, Nikolai, for some good ole fashion jamming with the dudes of Weezer.

On the eve of the release of Weezer’s new album, I unleash for the band an original smooth rap and a softer Barry Manilowesque ditty (Leprechaunin' It and Oh for the Love of Christ). You’ll see how impressed Weezer is.

I was also fortunate enough to introduce the boys to a non-profit Christian camp so near and dear to my heart. Run by my dear grandfather but recently shut down by the state of Wisconsin, Camp Silver-- a camp for sexually active Christian children-- is a very special place to delight in God’s splendor and read the gospel. In fact, when I hear Weezer’s new kick ass single, Memories, my mind is instantly flooded with my childhood memories of summers at the camp. Unfortunately, Grandpa’s camp is experiencing some hard times and legal issues, but with your help, it could once again bring joy to so many good Christian kids.

Buy a T-shirt here or donate to USofAnderson, and I’ll make sure Grandpa puts 100% of it toward the save Camp Silver fund. Weezer is even contemplating donating a portion of their Hurley album sales to the cause. Thanks guys!

Long live Weezer and long live Camp Silver!

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